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Garage Door Repair Austin

Garage Door Installation

Do you want to replace your garage door but don’t know how to get started? We, at In Town Garage Door Repair Austin TX, can play a huge role to your decisions. Our staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Do you have questions about the latest door designs and insulation materials? Want to know more about wind load doors? Interested in Craftsman garage door openers? The whole idea of getting a new door is to enhance your security and convenience and feel safe when using the door. That’s what we aim at too and the reason why we approach the requests of each client with great care and pay attention to our Austin garage door installation service.

Garage Door Installation Austin

We specialize in home garage door installation

Are you confused about getting wood or aluminum garage doors? The point is to increase the house’s curb appeal but also get a cost-effective and low maintenance product, which will provide security and withstand elements. When we help customers, we take into account their personal requests and preferences, but also external factors in order to make recommendations. Whatever your decision might be, you can leave new garage door installation to us.

Located in Austin, Texas, our company installs steel or wood garage doors and their openers locally. We have great experience in the installation of any garage door type, including carriage, overhead and rollup doors. Our technicians arrive as scheduled in your property in order to assemble and fit the new door. What’s vital is that we also evaluate the condition of the opener and spring system in order to tell you if they must be replaced too. In either case, you can trust the job will be done to your full expectations.

We can install any branded opener and all types of spring systems. During garage door installation, we make sure the springs are properly tensed, the door is well balanced, the opener wires are in the right terminals, and every other part is fitted well. We run some tests to make sure the door moves smoothly and goes all the way up and down and make the right adjustments if we have to. We also check the efficiency of the reverse system and make sure the sensors are aligned. If you want expertly done garage door installation in Austin, TX, come to us. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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